Planning your Wedding Ceremony Decor

Planning your Wedding Ceremony Decor

Planning your Wedding Ceremony Decor

Planning your Wedding Ceremony Decor

There are a lot of details that go into planning the decor of your ceremony. Here are some useful tips for planning your Wedding Ceremony Decor

What to consider when choosing your ceremony decor:

1. The Ceremony Location:
Where you will be having your ceremony will have an influence on what decorations you will use. If you are having a garden wedding candles won’t be a very good idea, if you want decorations hanging along the side of your ceremony a church or chapel will work best. Every location will have a different outcome for your wedding ceremony.

Ceremony Idea: Why not try a location that is open planned in a garden. Look for trees that form a canopy that can block out sun.

2. The Seating Decorations:
Choosing what type of chairs you will have will determine what decorations you will use for them. If you have vintage chairs you wouldn’t want to add a chair cover over them, if you use plain chairs a chair cover can look beautiful. Look at bows, tie-backs and flowers for extras on the chairs to make them pop. Whatever theme you are going for will help you decide what decorations to use on your chairs.

Ceremony Idea: Save on cost by choosing plain plastic chairs. You can cover the chairs wiht a white chair cover and a black chiffon tie-back tied to the side. Every second chair on the aisles side can have a small ball of white roses hanging from the side.

3. The Alter Decorations:
Your alter decorations will depend on where you have your wedding and if your religion has set traditions.

Ceremony Idea: For a garden wedding you can have a draped gazebo at the alter. From the roof and sides of the gazebo you can hang balls of white roses and two big flower pieces at the sides of the alter.

4. Overall Ceremony Decorations:
There are many decorations that you can add to your ceremony, the key is to keep it simple and to not overdo it.

Ceremony Idea: Why not have an aisle runner that’s covered in fresh white rose petals and a draped archway at the top of the aisle.
Wedding Ceremony Decor 1

Here is a list of the usual decor items that you will need for your wedding ceremony:

1. Aisle Decorations:
An aisle Runner
Flowers/Petals for the aisle

2. Chair Decorations:
Chair covers
Chair tie-backs or bows
Pew Bows
Flowers for the chairs

3. Alter Decorations:
Draping for the archway or gazebo
Flowers for the archway/gazebo
Alter arrangements

4. Misc Ceremony Decorations:
Flowergirl baskets
Petals for the flowergirl baskets
Ring Pillow
Bridal party corsages/bouquets/boutonnieres
Car Decorations
Table for signing the register

Wedding Ceremony Decor

What to check with your venue:
1. Check if the venue can supply you with chairs for the ceremony.
2. Check if the venue has chair covers for the ceremony chairs.
3. Check if the venue has a gazebo or arch that you can use.
4. Check if the venue has a table to use for signing of the register.

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